Month: February 2023

Jefferson Finds a Home

Thank you for your wonderful coverage of Maggie Berkvist. I want to update your readers on her cat, Jefferson. After I heard of Maggie’s death from one of her Bank Street neighbors, my husband, Geoffrey Knox, and I adopted him...

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To the Editor

To the Editor In your January issue, Arthur Z. Schwartz tries to persuade us that the 14th Street Busway “has turned 14th Street into a desolate street.” His entire evidence for this theory consists of four photographs of vacant...

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50+ Women Deciding to Live Alone

Few people consider the benefits of living alone as we women are programmed early on to be homemakers as well as having a career and raising children. Basically, we are expected to be self-sacrificing and not to consider what we really want. However, living alone have a host of advantages that can lead to an incredibly liberating and enriching life.

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