Month: June 2023

Camp Greenwich Village

“Attention. Were you or a loved one working or visiting Camp Greenwich Village between 1954 and a week ago last Thursday? If so, you may be entitled to insignificant compensation that’s hardly worth mentioning. Perhaps even a valueless Pokemon card…”

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Oddball Fire Department Alarm Box

Did you know that these red alarm boxes are still active, for citizens to use to alert the FDNY in case of a fire? That may seem like a thing of the past, but I checked at our Fire Squad Company 18 station at 132 W. Tenth Street, and they assured me, they still work

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Spring tips for you and your pet

Do you check out the daily weather report to plan your day? How about the pollen and mold count? We get this information by looking at or listening to the weather report. Let’s face it, the weather affects the comfort and health of human beings and other animals.

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The Tales Our City Maps Tell—
Monument Lane

I love maps of all kinds–ancient mariners’ maps, explorers’ maps, geography maps, demographic maps, trail maps and city plans. I may be a history buff but I am definitely a map nerd. For years, ever since I noticed there was once a street called “Monument Lane” on an old Village map, I’ve wondered about the location of the street and the monument.

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Lauren Esposito, Candidate for Civil Court Judge

I am Lauren Esposito, a native New Yorker, your Village neighbor for the past 19 years, an attorney, and candidate for Judge of the Civil Court.  I am pursuing judicial office to continue my dedication to public service and to do my part to ensure that the Court maintains its commitment to administer fair and compassionate justice, as I have done behind the scenes for the entirety of my legal career.

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Allie Ryan, Council Candidate District 2

I am running to represent you as your new City Councilperson. Many of you know me due to my fighting alongside neighbors to save the Morton Williams supermarket and ensure our seniors are not left in a food shopping desert. Or you may know me for battling to dismantle the once useful restaurant sheds, now a burden on residents and boon only to rats and restaurant landlords

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Broadway Revisited

Of the 41 Broadway theaters only 35 are booked.  Tickets are priced far more reasonably so it is a great time to see a show and audiences do reflect that.

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Astro-Zodial JUNE 2023, Gemini/Cancer

We foresee Love, Wealth and Travel in your future. (If you’re reading this because it was left on the stoop of your Village townhouse, then we also see wealth in your present.) Beware the city’s new anti-rodent trash collection rules and don’t put out bags before 8 pm.

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The Elephant Turns Fifty…or Tempest in a Teapot

Inside, a dozen elephantine teapots are mounted in procession across one wall (the herd purchased, I’m told, by a long-ago manager during a quick decorating dash to Chinatown). One trunk-spouted beast, an austere celadon number surmounted by a creamy-green youth, attracts my interest.

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Village Survivors & New Kids on the Block

The Village has suffered an an astounding loss of Chinese restaurants, both before and after the Pandemic, but one outstanding survivor remains. Shu Han Ju located on the corner of West 11th Street and 6th Avenue

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Expect Nothing!

Have you ever looked forward to an occasion, be it time with someone, a trip, a gift, a holiday…you name it? Then, when it didn’t work out as expected, or better said, as you expected, then you felt let down?

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The Tribute in Light memorial is lit annually in remembrance of loved ones lost. The Display is made up of 88 vertical searchlights arranged in two columns of light to represent the Twin Towers destroyed in the terror attacks on 9.11.2001. Photo by Bob Cooley.

Characters of the Village

  • Rick Kelly, Carmine Street Guitars
    Ever since Rick Kelly was growing up on Long Island and at Bay Shore High School, he was influenced by his machinist father and his German immigrant grandfather’s woodworking hobby in Brooklyn.

Village Pet Pages

  • Corcoran’s First Annual West Village Charity Dog Walk
    A while back I wrote a column about a fun day coming to the West Village for dogs. (Also, cats but dogs are the main focus as cats cannot really be walked on leashes.) This event, “Uniquely Dogs,” will raise money for underprivileged pets, primarily dogs. So, I want to bring you up to speed and let you know what the event will look like and how it will be run.