Month: August 2023

Chenault Spence, a Southern Accent in The Village

“The best thing about the Village is living here; it is a real village, a village apart. I know my neighbors and the postman,” he said. “I know which market has the best lettuce and cheese (West Side Market) and the lowest price for my favorite yogurt (Brooklyn Fare) and the best avocado oil when it is in stock (Lot-Less).

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Some of Our Menu Options Have Changed

A representative will be with you shortly, eventually, when we get around to it. If you’d like to get the run-around, press nine at any time: it won’t take you anywhere, but we enjoy getting your hopes up. That’s nein.

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Leptospirosis, also called “lepto,” is a zoonotic bacterial infectious disease. Zoonotic diseases are passed from non-humans to humans and even vice-versa. Lepto is mainly spread from non-humans to humans. It is not very common in humans.

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The Skies are Alive, With the Sound of…

For every four-seater tourist joyride in the sky, there are hundreds of actual NYers down on the ground, getting some air, enjoying the waterfront—and silently wishing you and the noisy love-bug had gone to see the Ms. Liberty in Vegas instead

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Two Important Choices to Make

In the June 10 edition of the New York Times, Peter Coy picked up on an urgent proposal made by this writer, in The Village View, that NYC should free curbs of free parking.

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The Death of Jordan Neely

My fellow New Yorkers, this has been a week of strong emotions in our city. One of our own is dead, a Black man, Black like me. A man named Jordan, the name I gave my son. A New Yorker who struggled with tragedy, trauma, and mental illness. A man whose last words were a cry for help. A man named Jordan Neely.

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Village Pet Pages

  • Holiday Health Tips
    As a medical team we want to share some ways to for people and pets to enjoy the holidays and prevent some hazards.

Joy in the Moment

  • Expect Nothing! You won’t be let down.
    Have you ever looked forward to an occasion, be it time with someone, a trip, a gift, a holiday…you name it? Then, when it didn’t work out as expected, or better said, as you expected, then you felt let down?

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