Month: October 2023

A Village Ghost

I ascend the stairs, my footprints missing…I spook the cat, amused by her hissing…Dogs drop their tails or abruptly stop pissing…Birds flutter fast and away as if missing.

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New Kids on the Block

This new shop is unlike most bagel places, which close by mid-late afternoon. At night they serve Mexican food. Here is their own description — we couldn’t say it better. “Discover the culinary journey at our charming West Village corner!

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Village Top Pizza Places Ratings

Since 1975, Joe’s Pizza has stood at 7 Carmine Street, between Bleecker Street and the Avenue of the Americas. I spotted the sign for Joe’s Pizza from a mile away, walked inside and ordered a plain slice. It cost me $4 which was a bit much for a plain slice, but when in New York City, you have to do as the New Yorkers do and try pizza that’s been highly recommended.

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Uncovering a Piece of History

224 years ago, New York City was in a situation many of us may find familiar today. An epidemic (yellow fever, not COVID-19) was ripping through the streets, claiming the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. Many of these victims were laid to rest in public burial grounds known as potter’s fields

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Grey Art Museum Opening

New York University has announced the relocation, renaming, and future opening of the Grey Art Museum. Formerly the Grey Art Gallery at Washington Square East on NYU’s campus, now closed, it will reopen as the Grey Art Museum at 18 Cooper Square, adjacent to Cooper Union’s main campus buildings.

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Diabetes is now an epidemic. Many people are afraid of getting it because of stories they’ve heard. The good news is that for most who have diabetes, one can live a long healthy life.

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What’s in a Label?

There are several definitions of labels. A label can be a noun or a verb. A noun would be a word or phrase that describes a person, group, or thing. A verb would mean to affix a label to, to make with a label, or describe by a label.

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Lift up New Yorkers in Need—No Matter When They Arrived Here

Crises create inflection points in our city – and we can choose the path forward. If we successfully meet the moments, there is an opportunity to address not only the immediate need, but the conditions that brought us to that point. In moments of heightened stakes, heightened emotions, and heightened need, however, there is great risk of doing additional, lasting harm.

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The Writers and Streamers Strike is Over

The writers and streamers reached a tentative deal on September 24th. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) members have been advised to not picket. They can, however, join the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) picket lines. This is not thrilling to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) who want the writers back on the big shows. Some are estimating ratification and a return to work will not take until Thanksgiving. 

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    As a medical team we want to share some ways to for people and pets to enjoy the holidays and prevent some hazards.

Joy in the Moment

  • Expect Nothing! You won’t be let down.
    Have you ever looked forward to an occasion, be it time with someone, a trip, a gift, a holiday…you name it? Then, when it didn’t work out as expected, or better said, as you expected, then you felt let down?

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