Month: November 2023

Housing on Hudson Street— Just What We DO Need

My medical office is in Vista on 5th, a non-profit, community-run, Medicaid-supported assisted living facility off 108th Street and Fifth Avenue, right across from Central Park. I’ve noticed over the years that many of the older adults who come to the facility from lower Manhattan, especially Little Italy, SoHo, and Greenwich Village, come for one unexpected reason.

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A message from the Public Advocate

I see the inhumanity of slaughter, and can be guided only by the humanity of grief. Borders and backgrounds do not determine or define humanity, and grief looks the same across them all. I have been to vigils, memorials, synagogues and mosques across our city in the last several weeks, and pain looks the same. Death looks the same.

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You Don’t See THAT Every Day

Fall and spring migration is a time when birds can get so close you can nearly touch them. After a long night flying, possibly hundreds of miles, like this morning, they’re hungry. Hungry and they’re less wary of all the dangers around them. This includes ignoring the threat of that tree stump of a person rooted in the middle of the lawn festooned with binoculars and a camera.

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For this month’s column I visited Washington Market Park on a sunny day in early October. Located at 199 Chambers Street in the Tribeca neighborhood, it sits right next to the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) campus.

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Wegmans Astor Place  

On a recent windy and chilly afternoon this reporter joined the long line of fellow New Yorkers that snaked down East 9th Street in pursuit of our common goal: to explore and shop at the brand-new Wegmans Astor Place supermarket.

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Plight of the Wronged Architect

Former DSM Design Group architect Warren L Schiffman, 86, of Oyster Bay NY said he did not play an active role in designing an under-construction hotel at 450 11th Avenue. Yet, Schiffman’s seal of approval appears on the construction documents of Marx Development Group’s (MDG) 51-story hotel in Hudson Yards.

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