Month: November 2023

Mount Sinai Sets Beth Israel Closure Date

According to a leaked memo the behemoth Mount Sinai Hospital, plans to close Beth Israel Hospital, which runs from 16th to 17th Street on First Avenue on July 12, 2024. This, as we reported last month, is a total turn-around from Mt. Sinai’s promise two years ago to never close Beth Israel, after it learned of its importance to the whole of Lower Manhattan during the Pandemic.

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Does Anyone Remember Us?

Does Anyone Remember Us? By Sho Kohara Does anyone remember us? We were called “China Mary.” My name is Ah Yuen. I came to the United States from Canton in 1863. Being a prostitute. Yes. Many of our women came to America as...

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Characters Of The Village Rocco Pellone

Our friend Elissa, one of our earlier featured Characters, told us, “You’ve got to meet the Mayor of West Fourth Street.” It sounded perfect for our column. Sure enough, when we met Rocco Pellone one lovely afternoon in one of the empty street sheds along West 4th Street, we were soon convinced.

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I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,

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Artificial Intelligence is NOT an Oxymoron

Artificial Intelligence is NOT an Oxymoron By Bruce Poli In 1953, the year of my birth, my father was named editor of Leica Photography magazine, and later in 1968, editor of Popular Photography magazine. For both publications,...

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Dining Sheds Must Come Down in 2024

Under a law passed earlier this year, all outdoor dining sheds have to be taken down by October 31, 2024. And what they will look like when they are allowed to be re-erected the following spring is the topic that will be decided by new Department of Transportation regulations.

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  • Expect Nothing! You won’t be let down.
    Have you ever looked forward to an occasion, be it time with someone, a trip, a gift, a holiday…you name it? Then, when it didn’t work out as expected, or better said, as you expected, then you felt let down?

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