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Lauren Esposito, Candidate for Civil Court Judge

I am Lauren Esposito, a native New Yorker, your Village neighbor for the past 19 years, an attorney, and candidate for Judge of the Civil Court.  I am pursuing judicial office to continue my dedication to public service and to do my part to ensure that the Court maintains its commitment to administer fair and compassionate justice, as I have done behind the scenes for the entirety of my legal career.

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Allie Ryan, Council Candidate District 2

I am running to represent you as your new City Councilperson. Many of you know me due to my fighting alongside neighbors to save the Morton Williams supermarket and ensure our seniors are not left in a food shopping desert. Or you may know me for battling to dismantle the once useful restaurant sheds, now a burden on residents and boon only to rats and restaurant landlords

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Rooted in Community: Re-Elect Carlina Rivera

I am Carlina Rivera, a lifelong New Yorker, a daughter of our district—I went to school on Washington Place, would shoot hoops at the Cage and grew up in the playgrounds of the East and West Village. I met my husband while serving on my community board, and he and I recently welcomed our baby boy as one of the district’s newest residents.

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The Tribute in Light memorial is lit annually in remembrance of loved ones lost. The Display is made up of 88 vertical searchlights arranged in two columns of light to represent the Twin Towers destroyed in the terror attacks on 9.11.2001. Photo by Bob Cooley.

Characters of the Village

  • Rick Kelly, Carmine Street Guitars
    Ever since Rick Kelly was growing up on Long Island and at Bay Shore High School, he was influenced by his machinist father and his German immigrant grandfather’s woodworking hobby in Brooklyn.

Village Pet Pages

  • Corcoran’s First Annual West Village Charity Dog Walk
    A while back I wrote a column about a fun day coming to the West Village for dogs. (Also, cats but dogs are the main focus as cats cannot really be walked on leashes.) This event, “Uniquely Dogs,” will raise money for underprivileged pets, primarily dogs. So, I want to bring you up to speed and let you know what the event will look like and how it will be run.