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My spot here in Washington Square Park, of course, but also the end of Charles Street on the river, and Churchill Square at Downing Street. I am friendly with all sorts of people who are here.

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Kenia Hernandez

We chose Kenia as the Character of the Village for the March issue due to her impact on our lives before, during, and after the pandemic. People who work at grocery stores are essential workers. There weren’t many places to interact with people other than grocery stores and pharmacies during the pandemic.

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Maggie Berkvist, Goodbye Dear Friend

She often spoke of the importance of having a local, i.e., a local pub like folks in England have. One of her first locals was Louie’s, a bar in Sheridan Square. She recollected, “It was my nightly hangout in those days, with good old time Villagers Mike and Red behind the bar, and Louie himself (Mafia, we always thought) lurking. I drank tumblers of ‘cheap white wine’, 25 cents, I think?”

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