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Renaissance Street Singers

Since 1973 The Renaissance Street Singers of New York have sung 15th and 16th Century music a capella on the sidewalks and in the public places of New York, especially in the quiet spaces of Greenwich Village (the above photo was taken just outside the Cherry Lane Theatre).

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Vintage 1890s Bicycle

Something old, something new appeared on our street in mid-April, in the form of this non-conformist biker. Styled like a vintage 1890s bicycle with its huge front wheel and tiny rear wheel, the rider has to climb up to get to its seat

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Tree sleeper

Coming upon this bizarre sight in the Hudson River Park one morning, at first it looked like someone had hung out a blanket to dry, but as we approached, we saw the foot with shoe dangling out of the edge

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Biker alert!

When I talked to the workers installing the bright orange mesh fencing along the Hudson River Park Bike Greenway, I was surprised to learn that this work was in preparation for repaving the Greenway bike path.

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 Trucks of Art

Artists will be using no-longer-wanted household paints, keeping them from going to waste in landfill. Each truck boasts nearly 400 square feet of “canvas,” paintable surfaces on the trucks’ sides, front and back, for their works.

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Maggie B’s Village Moments

Maggie’s favorite things: Maggie’s beloved cat Jefferson; one of many unusual sights from Maggie’s perch at Left Bank; a favorite in the spring­—Maggie loved lovers; Abingdon Square relaxation, tunes and mellow pups; dancers on the pier; Abingdon Square market, another Maggie favorite.

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