Saving Central Park

Horses and carriages have always been a part of the history and enjoyment of Central Park. They move at a slow walking speed, are well cared for in comfortable stables and often offer the only opportunities for children to see horses.



Vija Vetra Turns 100

It was after seeing a local production of Swan Lake that she decided she wanted to study dance professionally. But her family was against it. So she ran away to Vienna to live with her aunt.



HISTORY NOW: 727 Washington Street

Greenwich Village in the late 19th century had matured from a rural village to an important commercial center as the rapidly growing New York City expanded north.



Central Park’s Eurasian Eagle Owl, 

If you haven’t heard, Flaco is a Eurasian Eagle Owl, a resident of the Central Park Zoo, whose aviary was vandalized on the chilly evening of Thursday, February 2nd. After a lifetime living at the zoo, he escaped into the wide, wide wonderland of Central Park.

Village Pet Pages


Goodbye and hello

Mia was a Maltese Poodle, three years of age when she was given to Liza to foster. Mia had several medical problems and Liza made sure she received the medical care she deserved. They bonded during that time. Liza adopted her and they lived together for 13 years.

Characters of the Village


Kenia Hernandez

We chose Kenia as the Character of the Village for the March issue due to her impact on our lives before, during, and after the pandemic. People who work at grocery stores are essential workers. There weren’t many places to interact with people other than grocery stores and pharmacies during the pandemic.