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Ady Barkan – A Hero for All of Us

Ady died on November 1, seven years after his diagnosis. While I know in hindsight it sounds foolishly hopeful, we really believed we had a lot more time with him. So it’s a hard loss. But his memory and legacy are much greater blessings.

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There are seven days of the week and seven colors in a rainbow, and seven is routinely blamed for a certain yearly itch, though Tinder, Grindr, and other r sounds are equally responsible

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Characters Of The Village Rocco Pellone

Our friend Elissa, one of our earlier featured Characters, told us, “You’ve got to meet the Mayor of West Fourth Street.” It sounded perfect for our column. Sure enough, when we met Rocco Pellone one lovely afternoon in one of the empty street sheds along West 4th Street, we were soon convinced.

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A Village Ghost

I ascend the stairs, my footprints missing…I spook the cat, amused by her hissing…Dogs drop their tails or abruptly stop pissing…Birds flutter fast and away as if missing.

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Uncovering a Piece of History

224 years ago, New York City was in a situation many of us may find familiar today. An epidemic (yellow fever, not COVID-19) was ripping through the streets, claiming the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. Many of these victims were laid to rest in public burial grounds known as potter’s fields

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  • Holiday Health Tips
    As a medical team we want to share some ways to for people and pets to enjoy the holidays and prevent some hazards.

Joy in the Moment

  • Expect Nothing! You won’t be let down.
    Have you ever looked forward to an occasion, be it time with someone, a trip, a gift, a holiday…you name it? Then, when it didn’t work out as expected, or better said, as you expected, then you felt let down?

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