Category: Wellness

Being Instead of Doing

When we are rushing, we are living in a state of resistance. It produces a state of consciousness that often comes about when we are feeling anxious.  It’s a lack of willingness to be in the present moment.

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50+ Women Deciding to Live Alone

Few people consider the benefits of living alone as we women are programmed early on to be homemakers as well as having a career and raising children. Basically, we are expected to be self-sacrificing and not to consider what we really want. However, living alone have a host of advantages that can lead to an incredibly liberating and enriching life.

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The Healthy Critic

A simple answer from many experts about what to eat is: Eat real food, not too much, less meat, more plant foods, and avoid sugar sweetened beverages. Choose raw, grilled, broiled or baked rather than deep fried foods. Beyond this, if you have specific questions, best you work with your health care provider for guidance.

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