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Mammoth Corrective Structure at 14-16 Fifth Avenue

Last November, when two drilling rigs were beginning work on the foundations of 14-16 Fifth Avenue, located between Eighth and Ninth Streets a block north of Washington Square Park, problems arose and the excavators that were awaiting work in the fall had been removed.

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Jefferson Market Library – Meet Molina

The Jefferson Market Library is without doubt a neighborhood icon, but we’re not just a pretty face! It’s our staff who keep the place thriving, day after day. If you’ve come to check out a book or movie in the last 20 years, chances are, you’ve encountered our Queen of the Circulation Desk: Molina.

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Housing on Hudson Street— Just What We DO Need

My medical office is in Vista on 5th, a non-profit, community-run, Medicaid-supported assisted living facility off 108th Street and Fifth Avenue, right across from Central Park. I’ve noticed over the years that many of the older adults who come to the facility from lower Manhattan, especially Little Italy, SoHo, and Greenwich Village, come for one unexpected reason.

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Wegmans Astor Place  

On a recent windy and chilly afternoon this reporter joined the long line of fellow New Yorkers that snaked down East 9th Street in pursuit of our common goal: to explore and shop at the brand-new Wegmans Astor Place supermarket.

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Plight of the Wronged Architect

Former DSM Design Group architect Warren L Schiffman, 86, of Oyster Bay NY said he did not play an active role in designing an under-construction hotel at 450 11th Avenue. Yet, Schiffman’s seal of approval appears on the construction documents of Marx Development Group’s (MDG) 51-story hotel in Hudson Yards.

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Dining Sheds Must Come Down in 2024

Under a law passed earlier this year, all outdoor dining sheds have to be taken down by October 31, 2024. And what they will look like when they are allowed to be re-erected the following spring is the topic that will be decided by new Department of Transportation regulations.

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