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Village Preservation to Fight Plan to Turn SoHo Building Into Luxury Housing

Mayor de Blasio, Council Members Margaret Chin and Carlina Rivera, and most members of the City Council championed the SoHo/NoHo/Chinatown Upzoning + Displacement Plan in 2021 promising it would promote affordable housing development and wouldn’t destroy existing affordable rent-regulated housing. Sad to say, their predictions have turned out to be far from true — as Village Preservation warned.

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Strange and Beautiful Sounds at Zinc Bar

Haunting, beautiful, insane, incendiary, bizarre, meditative, and alien. These are just a few words that only begin to describe the sounds I heard coming from the trio of Theo Bleckman, Ben Monder, and Tom Rainey at the final performance of the Guitar Master Series

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You Don’t See THAT Every Day

Fall and spring migration is a time when birds can get so close you can nearly touch them. After a long night flying, possibly hundreds of miles, like this morning, they’re hungry. Hungry and they’re less wary of all the dangers around them. This includes ignoring the threat of that tree stump of a person rooted in the middle of the lawn festooned with binoculars and a camera.

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Does Anyone Remember Us?

Does Anyone Remember Us? By Sho Kohara Does anyone remember us? We were called “China Mary.” My name is Ah Yuen. I came to the United States from Canton in 1863. Being a prostitute. Yes. Many of our women came to America as...

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I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,

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Artificial Intelligence is NOT an Oxymoron

Artificial Intelligence is NOT an Oxymoron By Bruce Poli In 1953, the year of my birth, my father was named editor of Leica Photography magazine, and later in 1968, editor of Popular Photography magazine. For both publications,...

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