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Humanimal | Diabesity

Last month we wrote about types of diabetes, risk factors and symptoms in humans as well as cats and dogs. This month we’re following up on how to diagnose, prevent and treat diabetes.

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Diabetes is now an epidemic. Many people are afraid of getting it because of stories they’ve heard. The good news is that for most who have diabetes, one can live a long healthy life.

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The subject of excess body fat, obesity, diabetes (also called diabesity) and other weight related complications is complex.

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Leptospirosis, also called “lepto,” is a zoonotic bacterial infectious disease. Zoonotic diseases are passed from non-humans to humans and even vice-versa. Lepto is mainly spread from non-humans to humans. It is not very common in humans.

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Being Instead of Doing

When we are rushing, we are living in a state of resistance. It produces a state of consciousness that often comes about when we are feeling anxious.  It’s a lack of willingness to be in the present moment.

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