Torah teaches members of the Jewish faith to remember the stranger because we were strangers in Egypt. Torah teaches us not to sit idly by when we see injustice. Torah asks the question, am I my brother’s keeper? Torah teaches us that the answer to that question is yes. We are our brother’s and our sister’s keepers.

When I spoke about refugeeism on Rosh Hashanah, I let you know that we would be calling upon you to help us fulfill this obligation. That time is now. On Erev Rosh Hashanah I shared the news that our Director of Education, Alex Tansky, received approval to sponsor a refugee family from Ukraine to come to New York. On January 11, Svitlana, Iryna, and Milana arrived in the United States.

As we continue the generations long tradition of Jews caring for those in need, we set out a list on the Village Temple website, of basic household items that Svitlana and her daughters urgently need. Our community supported that request instantly and all of their needs have been, for now, met.

by Rabbi Diana Fersko