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The View From the Inside

A lot of people have wondered why everyone got fired or left. It’s what Dusty wanted. She kept her loyalists and purged the rest. Like Trump firing staff. She has pushed out several contributors like Trump iced out those he feared. She is running the paper with or without George’s input. The last few issues were terrible and long. George would never do that.

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View From the Outside

The paper’s history, the staff rebellion, and the war of words playing out across the two papers (and being meticulously covered by the Village Sun) has been dramatic. What follows is a brief rundown of the dueling papers and the assemblage of local personalities, world historic events, and A-list celebrities caught in the crossfire.

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A New Year Message to Our Readers

We wanted to continue the tradition started by George Capsis some 15 years ago, presenting volunteer local writers, writing about Greenwich Village and its surrounding communities—its politics, its food, its culture, its birds, its events. Village View is now published by a 501c3 non-profit, and is run as a collective effort

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Why the “New” WestView News?

WestView News grew into a monthly paper which residents of the West Village (as far east as 5th Avenue, and as far south as Washington Square Village) looked forward to. WestView had local stories no one else had. It fought hard to keep St Vincent’s Hospital from closing, played an important role in keeping Beth Israel Hospital open, served as a forum for the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, had local listings, pieces on the arts, local fashion, and historical pieces about local architecture

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