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Welcoming Words

I believe many people are interested in more deeply understanding and celebrating who and what the Village was and is now as well as what we are becoming. It appears to me that VV is already adding its own resources to that possibility.

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I am over 90, in good health, and I love living in Greenwich Village. For over 50 years, I have enjoyed walking the sidewalks of the Village. But I am resigned to the fact that I will not die a natural death. No, I will have been mowed down by an e-bike. They own the sidewalks. They have missed me by inches. It’s only a matter of time.

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notary service CHANGE

Many legal documents including wills, powers of attorney, contracts, leases, court documents, deed transfers and many more require that they be notarized. Notarization involves verifying a signer’s identity, their willingness to sign without intimidation and their awareness of the document’s contents. Getting legal documents notarized is an important process for those reasons.

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On Friday, March 10, I took a bottle of wine to the checkout counter and I was refused service. They asked for a Drivers License for ID. I don’t have a Drivers License. I showed them my Reduced Fare MTA MetroCard Photo ID Pass but that wasn’t good enough. I showed them my Medicare Social Security card and that wasn’t good enough either. Because of a new system they claim they needed to scan a Drivers License which shows my birth age. I told them my birth date but that wasn’t good enough.

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A Native’s View

A Native’s View Dear Editor: Let there be no doubt about it. Greenwich Village is a unique place in this dysfunctional world. It has always stood apart—and been quietly envied. If “individualism” ever had a...

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Jefferson Finds a Home

Thank you for your wonderful coverage of Maggie Berkvist. I want to update your readers on her cat, Jefferson. After I heard of Maggie’s death from one of her Bank Street neighbors, my husband, Geoffrey Knox, and I adopted him...

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The Tribute in Light memorial is lit annually in remembrance of loved ones lost. The Display is made up of 88 vertical searchlights arranged in two columns of light to represent the Twin Towers destroyed in the terror attacks on 9.11.2001. Photo by Bob Cooley.

Characters of the Village

  • Rick Kelly, Carmine Street Guitars
    Ever since Rick Kelly was growing up on Long Island and at Bay Shore High School, he was influenced by his machinist father and his German immigrant grandfather’s woodworking hobby in Brooklyn.

Village Pet Pages

  • Corcoran’s First Annual West Village Charity Dog Walk
    A while back I wrote a column about a fun day coming to the West Village for dogs. (Also, cats but dogs are the main focus as cats cannot really be walked on leashes.) This event, “Uniquely Dogs,” will raise money for underprivileged pets, primarily dogs. So, I want to bring you up to speed and let you know what the event will look like and how it will be run.