Wow. You people are pathetic. This “New” Westview “team” wants to kill a voice in the village, Dusty Berke, so badly that you make a whole new newspaper helmed by Arthur Schwartz to do it???

If Dusty didn’t support the health and wellness of George Capsis nonstop…along with bringing great stories to the surface and to his attention, George may have fallen down or died a long time ago. Get a grip people.

What are you? Who are you? More censorship directed by perverts? The only reason these stories aren’t out is because they are organized by the criminals in media and perverts in DC running international crime syndicates. Just look at who has been on Epstein island to get started. Bill Gates is one of them…. and his big vaccine? You really think this was about protecting you people? Ha ha. Your blood clot is coming and then the government won’t have to pay your Medicare and retirement benefits. Racket.

Arthur, you live in a disgusting glass house…

—Kelly Gallagher