Artists who Care, regarding Tiles for America and 9/11 memorial corner

Dear Editor:

To those who do not know me well, I am the director of Artists Who Care (AWC). My organization has been leading the campaign to return all tiles illegally taken by Dusty Berke.

Both Dusty and I were to be caretakers of the tiles, never owners. I have relentlessly asked all our politicians to support AWC in its efforts, and we hear complacency­­—just another story to be discussed.

I maintain the garden, clean up trash every week, and maintain the Love Bench, still the centerpiece of the garden. I also believe Dusty had a woman living in the white bus, and have approached a very complacent Sixth Precinct regarding numerous complaints on this corner, including needle use. In my cleanup from an unruly person, who pulled up hundreds of sunflowers, I got a needle in my sneaker, and that invoked me to continue to speak about certain needs for this corner, including the return of the tiles.

I’m grateful to see the bus removed. But we must see the return of these tiles to this corner.
My suggested list of priorities for the corner of Seventh Avenue and 12th Street:

1. MTA should finish the building
2. New Name: 9/11 Memorial Garden and Chapel
3. Return of tiles
4. Rat removal
5. Water source
6. Removal of 9/11 bus. Accomplished!

—Paul McClure, Artists Who Care
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