Goodbye and hello


GOODBYE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. Mia, above. Photo courtesy of Friends of Mia.

Mia was a Maltese Poodle, three years of age when she was given to Liza to foster. Mia had several medical problems and Liza made sure she received the medical care she deserved. They bonded during that time. Liza adopted her and they lived together for 13 years.

During their time living together, Liza had Mia trained at St. Vincent’s Hospital as a therapy dog. Mia then visited patients as they were sick and recuperating. After the hospital closed, Mia brought the same joy to residents at Cabrini Nursing Home in the Lower East Side until that facility closed. She was a calm and calming dog. When Liza had to leave the room, Mia didn’t get upset. She stayed close by the patients and residents with her calm and healing way.

Mia then participated in the children’s reading program at Jefferson Market Library. The children loved her and she loved them.

She loved rides in the bike basket with Liza and running and playing in Central Park. Her favorite places to go to were Central Park or to just be in the city meeting with other dogs. She was a real City Girl!

She also loved posing and smiling for the camera for her monthly column in a community paper, ‘Mia Says’. There will only be one Mia. Her joie de vivre, her big smile. Many of us got to meet and love Mia…Mia is still loved and not forgotten.

Thank you Mia and thank you Liza.

HELLO, WELCOME TO THE VILLAGE. Harper, above. Photo courtesy of Stephan & Corinne.

Harper was three and one half months of age when she moved to the Village January 14 and was adopted by Stephan and Corinne. They had recently said good-bye to their beloved Parker at almost 17 years of age. They were looking for a small dog at rescue shelters, as they had gotten their previous dogs from shelters, but weren’t able to find one they thought would be small enough for their lifestyle. Besides living in an apartment, they travel a lot, especially by air and small boat. They wanted their ‘baby’ to be comfortable. So, they decided upon Harper, a Jack Russell Terrier who they felt confident would stay small enough to enjoy the ‘rides.’ When we asked about how they were doing with Harper, they told us, “We are so happy with Harper in our lives! She is 18 weeks old and wicked smart! She is a sweet loving terror ;)”

Brian and I had the pleasure to visit and play with Harper. It was obvious to us she is in agreement and happy to be in their lives.


We love all creatures great and small and understand many of you do too. Village Pets not limited to our furry and feathery friends in the Village, but other pets you may want us to meet on our Village streets. Please do send up ideas about what you would like to read and share about so we can all have some fun while we learn about our Villagers.