Help Co-Name Waverly Place


FRANK CRAPANZO, above, as instrumental in transforming McCarthy Square Park.

Everyone who has enjoyed the transformation of McCarthy Square Park between Charles Street and Waverly Place needs to recognize the man who made this happen. Frank Crapanzano had lived at 15 Charles Street for over 45 years. From his 5th floor apartment window, he looked down on 7th Avenue over a small triangle shaped park—McCarthy Square. It was neglected and filled with weeds and garbage. Those who knew Frank personally experienced his legacy to leave everything and everyone better than before. This became his goal for McCarthy Square Park. So, the story begins—Frank spent 15 years and endless hours pulling weeds, planting beautiful flowers and bushes, picking up trash, raising funds from residents and local businesses, while working closely with the NYC Parks Department. Many locals noticed the effort and contributed in their own way. He created a gathering place for friends and neighbors to share stories, feel less lonely, and care for each other. This was widely welcomed in this large and impersonal city. Frank Crapanzano passed away in August 2021. If you stroll through the park today, you will see a plaque dedicated to him on one of the benches where he spent countless hours talking with acquaintances and passersby.

Frank’s friends and family would like to dedicate Waverly Place between 7th Ave & Charles Street by co-naming it Frank Crapanzano Way. The process requires a signed petition of 150 signatures, a majority of local people and businesses and letters of support Indicating the impact Frank has had on the community. The petition is available to sign in the lobby of 15 Charles Street. Please support this request to keep this man’s legacy alive. Also please feel free to email me any thoughts and or testimonials which will be included with the petition package.

Thank you.
Nancy Crapanzano-Devine (Frank’s Niece)