Dog’s Day in the Village

By Gordon Hughes

For those of you who have a dog and live in the West Village a very special event is headed your way.

FRANK VEILSON AND TRINA COOPER FROM THE COCORAN GROUP with Zoi at the Jane Street Garden. Photo credit: Nina Haft.

Imagine having a great day with your dog and lots of other dogs and making a real contribution to those dogs who may not be as fortunate as yours. Some venerable establishments are combining forces and creating a new charity dog walk in the West Village as well as a new tradition. It’s an event that will target dogs, and cats too, who are not as fortunate as the ones we see cavorting in the local dog parks or traveling in packs with dog walkers along Hudson Avenue.

Coming to the Village right after Labor Day will be the first annual West Village Charity Dog Walk. This will be more than just a parade. Everyone is aware the Village knows how to do a rousing parade. There will be two routes—yes two! One for older dogs or dogs with issues which will be shorter than the more robust walk for the athletic type of beasts. Routes are planned to pass by many of the historic and well-known Village haunts.

Doggies will drop into pet-friendly stores, restaurants, churches and maybe our very own police station—you get the picture. There will be three major underwriters creating this unique event. The underwriters are Hudson Hound restaurant on Hudson Street between Bank and West 11th St., where the walk originates. Tavern On Jane at 8th Avenue and Jane Street, where all walkers, be they human or canine, will gather as a final destination. Celebrations will salute all participants with a variety of beastly kiosks. And the third underwriter will be The Corcoran Group which includes two of their agents who live and work in the Village—Frank Veilson and Trina Cooper.

This columnist has been told there will be many more Village establishments and individuals participating in the Dog Walk. There will be dog swag—everything from collars, leashes, beds, booties, coats—even items for humans. There will be dog and cat information handouts covering everything from dog-friendly eateries to emergency vet care as well as dog-friendly apartment rentals and co-ops. Used pet items will be collected and donated to shelters.

So, where are the proceeds of the event going? Think globally, act locally! Local donations will go to NYC rescue groups while globally to Unique Paws Supporting Women in the Arts Supporting Animals in Need. Well, after a fun summer what a fun event to start the fall.

Village dogs will have a great day as will Humans—all for a worthy cause.