The West Village Houses

Embracing Affordability, Charm, Community and Convenience

By Kelly Craig

With its rich history, common outdoor spaces, and a vibrant community, the West Village Houses Co-op is a cherished place to call home for those seeking an affordable oasis in the heart of New York City’s West Village. The neighborhood boasts an abundance of amenities, including trendy boutiques, independent bookstores, art galleries, and an array of gourmet restaurants and cafes. The proximity to Hudson River Park, with its scenic promenades and recreational activities, provides an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

Concentrated in this most desired and sought after area in New York City, the West Village Houses complex is comprised of 42 small five-and-six-story low rise walk-up buildings with a total of 420 units. These apartments have communal and private outdoor spaces, bike storage and many laundry rooms. The units range from two to four generous-sized bedrooms and are abundant in proportions. What sets them apart from other apartments in the vicinity is their affordability and low monthly maintenance costs.

Originally built with the support of New York City and New York State through its Mitchell-Lama Housing Program, they were promoted by Jane Jacobs, with her community-based values and intended to be built in keeping with the surrounding neighborhood in mind. The buildings are located in the area bounded by Washington, Morton, West, and Bank Streets. In 1961, redevelopment was planned by Mayor Wagner to turn the area into high rise housing. Jane Jacobs, who was a West Village resident at the time, led a movement to stop those plans in order for West Village Houses to go forward, which were more in line with her philosophy of urban life. The buildings were designed by Perkins and Will. In 1969, the plan to build was approved but higher costs led to needing a second approval in 1972 when construction began. Due to an extended period of high inflation, the construction timeline was long and, when they were finally completed in 1975, monthly charges for prospective residents were high. This created difficulty in finding residents, leading to a need for further subsidy from the City. In 2002, Island Capital Group, the owner of the property, made it known it wanted to buy out of the Mitchell-Lama Program and thereby change the units to market rate. In 2006, the Bloomberg Administration configured a deal to sell the units to the tenants by way of the Housing Development Fund Corporation. This enabled tenants to purchase their properties at below market rates, limit the amount of profit they could make on a resale and receive a tax abatement for 12 years. Close to the date of the abatement expiration, an offer came in from developer Madison Equities to buy the properties and redevelop them as high rises.The tenants declined and chose to convert the properties to market rate cooperatives. This deal was completed in June 2020 and was the first time a conversion had happened of Mitchell-Lama properties to market-rate in New York. Prices in West Village Houses continue to be among the most competitive in the area and far lower than properties in the vicinity.

Contained within the boundaries of Greenwich Village, the neighborhood of Manhattan’s West Village still stands out as one of the borough’s finest and most unique. Its exact southern and eastern boundaries are often disputed, so it’s easier to think of the West Village as the place in the city where the streets have names and take directional liberties off the numbered grid. Streets are quirky, cobblestoned, narrow and angled. The West Village has its own brand of charm and is well-preserved as a Historic District. Every aspect of the West Village is unique, which is maybe why it’s been the groundspring of many pioneering cultural, creative and social movements.

Featured West Village Houses Apartments for Sale:

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129 Barrow Street Unit 2A, which has 2 king-sized bedrooms, 1 bathroom, which is on the market for $1,095,500 (monthlies $1,310)

700 Washington Street Unit 1A is an estate condition 4 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom unit with an in-unit washer and dryer for $1,595,000 (monthlies $2,370)