Allie Ryan, Council Candidate District 2


ALLIE RYAN, above, speaking at a rally in Washington Square Park. Photo by Renée Monrose.

I’d like to introduce myself to the readers of The Village View, particularly those of you in the redistricted blocks surrounding Washington Square Park.

I am running to represent you as your new City Councilperson. Many of you know me due to my fighting alongside neighbors to save the Morton Williams supermarket and ensure our seniors are not left in a food shopping desert. Or you may know me for battling to dismantle the once useful restaurant sheds, now a burden on residents and boon only to rats and restaurant landlords. Or perhaps you remember me as a tireless park crusader who was arrested battling to save the 1,000 mature trees sentenced to death at East River Park or my work to prevent the destruction of the Elizabeth Street Garden and who secured the cleanup and re-seeding of Tompkins Square Park.

Either way, you can rest assured that I will be hands-on in fighting for District 2’s newest entry, Washington Square Park, as it has changed to a point where residents are paying armed guards to fill in where their tax dollars and elected officials have failed them.

Now those of you who DON’T know me might be interested in the fact that I am a Democrat, pro-choice, pro-education, pro-small business, pro-neighborhood preservation and anti-taking money from multi-millionaire developer and special interest lobbyists. I have no interest in becoming a shill and rubber stamper for their interests.

Before joining the political realm, I was a documentary film producer covering issues of Free Speech, Right of Assembly and those re-entering society after being incarcerated. Our household is a union household and my filmmaker husband is a 25-year IATSE member currently standing in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America

I am a cancer survivor, mother of two, avid cyclist who is fighting against the middle and working class killing congestion pricing. Why? Because New York City is a diverse city with diverse transportation needs and we need to have leaders that recognize and represent the interests of ALL of their constituents.
If you would like to know more about my opponent, the incumbent Carlina Rivera, I recommend you call her office when you have a problem and see how you are treated and what the ultimate result is.

My team and I easily gathered over four times the required signatures to secure my name on the Democratic Primary Ballot often simply by answering the question about who I am running against. Clipboards were practically pulled from my hands as the constituents on the streets asked “Where do I sign?” Not once did I find a supporter who tried to convince me I was taking on an opponent who should serve two more years.

The constituents have been ignored, insulted and subjected to divisive tactics for the last six years and they know what business as usual will look like. I hope you will reach out and perform due diligence on both myself and my opponent before rubber stamping a de Blasio leftover who I am sure does not want you to research her.

After reading, speaking to neighbors and listening to your gut. I hope you will trust in me to have your backs and fight for your neighborhood as well as all of Council District 2. District 2 needs someone to represent the residents, NOT the developers, special interests and politicians who are never made to suffer and live with the consequences of their own poor policies.

Allie Ryan is a Democrat running for City Council District 2, which includes Greenwich Village, NoHo, Union Square, East Village, Lower East Side, Gramercy and Kips Bay. Primary June 27, Early Voting June 17 – 25.