Lauren Esposito, Candidate for Civil Court Judge

By Lauren Esposito

LAUREN ESPOSITO. Photo Courtesy of Lauren Esposito for Civil Court.

I am Lauren Esposito, a native New Yorker, your Village neighbor for the past 19 years, an attorney, and candidate for Judge of the Civil Court.  I am pursuing judicial office to continue my dedication to public service and to do my part to ensure that the Court maintains its commitment to administer fair and compassionate justice, as I have done behind the scenes for the entirety of my legal career.

I have dedicated my legal career to serving the public.  My first job after law school was with the New York City Housing Authority, the largest public housing authority in the country.  As a litigator for the Housing Authority, I supported its mission of preserving affordable housing in New York City and served the tenants and participants who rely on the scarce public resource of Section 8 subsidies and public housing.  In the decade I worked there, I handled approximately 150 matters, many of which involved defending the Housing Authority’s determinations to suspend Section 8 subsidies to landlords when their apartments failed to meet housing quality standards or defending the Housing Authority in lawsuits against construction contractors who were hired to complete capital improvements at public housing developments.

I currently work as a Senior Appellate Court Attorney at the Appellate Division, Second Department, the busiest appellate court in the state.  I advise the Justices deciding appeals and, when necessary, guide them to reverse wrongly decided matters.  My experience encompasses an array of diverse subject areas including family court, criminal and civil matters.  In that role, I am proud to draft proposed decisions that are precise and concise, provide justice to the parties and give guidance to the public, the bench and the bar.

I am the only candidate in this race found “most highly qualified” by the NY County Independent Judicial Screening panel.  The screening panel, composed of lawyers and/or representatives from community groups, reviews applications from each candidate listing every matter they have worked on in the past five years, speaks to references and opposing counsel, and interviews each candidate.  The panel only reports two to three of the most qualified candidates for each civil court vacancy, ensuring that we have the most qualified Judges in New York County.

I am grateful that so many elected officials, Democratic clubs, and community leaders, including Congressmember Jerry Nadler, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, Assemblymember Deborah Glick, and Council Members Erik Bottcher and Carlina Rivera have endorsed my campaign.  I hope that you will believe in me as well and cast your ballot for Lauren Esposito for Civil Court Judge during early voting or on Primary Day, June 27th.