A Native Luxembourg Singer Exhilarates at Bowery Electric!

By Kaju Roberto

Tali Golergant and band taken in front of the Bowery Electric after show on 7/12 (l). Tali during her performance (r). Photos taken by Felicia Lin

On July 12, Luxembourg transplant pop-folk singer / songwriter Tali Golergant and her young and talented eponymous band gave an uplifting performance downstairs at Bowery Electric.

Bowery Electric is a live music venue and dance club located on 327 Bowery in the East Village which specializes in indie/ alternative bands. It’s located between East 2nd Street and East 3rd Street.

The stage that the bands play on is centrally located downstairs amid this cool open space with long wooden banquettes on one side encompassed by an all-wooden dance floor, where hanging on the wall to the other side of the stage is a larger than life 20’ x 20’ photograph of punk legends Joey Ramone and Deborah Harry lying together on a bed. For those of my age who lived in NYC back in the day and made their stomping grounds in NoHo and the Old East Village, you might realize why I cracked a big smile witnessing this nostalgia.

In the true spirit of punk, this gargantuan image paid homage as a worthy cool tribute to those artists and the place down the street where they both got their first big breakthroughs on the emerging live punk scene they both helped create and to make famous during the mid ‘70s which no longer exists: the original CBGB’s.

Tali Golergant’s Performance at Bowery Electric

Golergant mostly sang standing upfront center stage with her multi-ethnic and mixed gender five-piece band behind her, occasionally playing a keyboard to the right side of the stage or grabbing her acoustic guitar. Behind Golergant’s easy soulful singing, indie folky-jazz infused harmonies and the band’s touching visceral (smoky) performances there are even deeper layers.

Painting beautiful sonic landscapes with her silky soulful vocals and well-crafted melodies, Golergant showed us that she has all the tools and musical sensibilities to be a triple threat—a great writer, musician and a singer who evokes strong emotions with her art.

There were some notable energetic performances of Golergant originals by the band such as “Temporary” (which she wrote when she was 16) that had the audience swaying and singing, “Garden of Eden,” more recent songs like “My Big T-Shirt” and the breezy “Room to Grow,” and one of her favorites, the ethereal “Lose You,” all of which thrilled and excited the audience. To the audience’s nice surprise and delight, toward the end of the night the drummer even contributed a noteworthy rap.

Ending the night with her touching folksy pop ballad and my own personal favorite, “Mountains Between Us,” was a truly magical listen and joy to watch! Even when Tali’s guitarist made a minor flub during the chorus, it was joyful to see both of their big smiles!

Golergant has also recently performed with her group in the Village at Arlene’s Grocery, Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall and The Delancey.

Golergant’s Musical Training and Recordings

Golergant formally studied at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg and music theory and piano at The Royal School of Music prior to moving to the States.

Her true musical artistry lies in her beautifully folk-infused soulful voice, where her rich smooth tonality is tinged with unexpected nuances yet where every note flows with near perfect pitch. She interweaves beautiful subtle harmonies throughout her compositions and there are many delightful surprises!

Throughout her nine single releases, Golergant sings with a purity of tone in contrast to her adult-themed lyrics, which presents a dichotomy between youthful innocence and sage experience.

Tali is such a great story-teller. Her music really transports you. Truly, I couldn’t stop listening. It was pure joy. My personal favorites are “Temporary,” “By the Ivory” and “Mountains Between Us.”

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Kaju Roberto is an accomplished musician, singer/ songwriter, journalist, and an award winning producer. He is the artist Rad Jet on Spotify.