Let’s Just Say Gay

At the end of Bruce Poli’s column “LGBTQ- (minus)?” he writes “Do say Gay.” Indeed we should, but not just metaphorically, as Bruce states. Literally. There is not “universal agreement” (as Bruce writes) over the “correct” acronym to include the full community. It certainly has grown over the years. Here’s what Amazon thinks the acronym is:

Interestingly, American Sign Language speakers are also grappling with this. I read in the NY Times that it’s been proposed the sign for “rainbow” be used but some people objected because a rainbow doesn’t have the colors that have been added for the trans community.

The other day I watched the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, struggle to verbalize the acronym and it occurred to me that we need a pronounceable word that we agree stands for the community, however broad it may be or become. A word that all people could use. Gee, what could that word be? So herewith is a humble proposal from a straight ally, let’s just say “gay.”

—Art Steinmetz, West Village