Corcoran’s First Annual West Village Charity Dog Walk

By Gordon Hughes

A while back I wrote a column about a fun day coming to the West Village for dogs. (Also, cats but dogs are the main focus as cats cannot really be walked on leashes.) This event, “Uniquely Dogs,” will raise money for underprivileged pets, primarily dogs. So, I want to bring you up to speed and let you know what the event will look like and how it will be run.

The day will begin at Hudson Hound at 10 am on Saturday, September 23. For those who will be entering the festivities, there will be a $20.00 donation. There will be coffee and, as the Hudson Hound folks say, “nibbles” for both dogs and owners. It’s a great way to start your West Village tour and weekend.

For those dogs getting on board for the parade, maps will be handed out to the humans at the other end of their leash.  These maps will note a variety of stops along the way including points of historical significance, stores providing discounts for participants and veterinarian locations.

The Corcoran Group, the primary sponsor, is represented by two long time West Village residents. Frank Veilson and Trina Cooper who, along with Susan Williams, developed the concept of creating a charity dog walk for underprivileged pets. They will also be providing info on dog friendly co-ops for sale and dog friendly apartment rentals.

Hudson Hound makes for the perfect starting point for the walk. There you will find out about the charitable organization. You will learn how they will collect the money and just how it will be given to deserving dogs for their care and feeding as well as health care. I’m not sure how long the walk is exactly but part of it will enable both dogs and humans to make new friends along the way. I am told there will be no circus sweepers as you find behind the elephants at the circus. No, humans will be responsible for clean-up duty.

The walk will end at Tavern on Jane where walkers will be met by Susan Williams, a well know denizen of the Village. She will be welcoming everyone with water and treats for dogs. And, as I hear it, there will be discounted adult beverages for homo sapiens. There will be surprises in a hometown carnival atmosphere. I have not been read in on all the mirth and merriment for the afternoon but it does promise to be fun for beast and humans alike.

Hope to see you there with or without your pet!

Wonder if I can walk for a couple of hours carrying a fish bowl?