Jefferson Market Library

Meet Molina


MOLINA, Queen of the Circulation Desk. Photo courtesy of Molina.

The Jefferson Market Library is without doubt a neighborhood icon, but we’re not just a pretty face! It’s our staff who keep the place thriving, day after day. If you’ve come to check out a book or movie in the last 20 years, chances are, you’ve encountered our Queen of the Circulation Desk: Molina. And yes, you can address her by just that name alone, much like Madonna or Cher, and her always-rotating fashions can almost compete with those icons! Let’s find out a little bit about this Jefferson Market mainstay and what makes her tick.
You told me that you started at Jefferson Market in 2003. Do you remember how you felt coming into the building on your first day?
Funny you should ask, I passed by this building on one of those club nights back in the day and I said to myself, “wouldn’t it be funny if I ended up working there?”  When I was looking to transfer from my previous position, I picked this branch because of the building and neighborhood. It was exciting and challenging.
Obviously, a lot has changed at the library in the last 20 years! What are some things that have changed for the better… or worse?
I feel that our everyday jobs haven’t changed much. With the introduction of computers and internet access, we don’t do as much research for our patrons. Also, the space in the library is utilized more by students and patrons who want to step away from home to get work done. But many people come just for the interaction they have with us. One thing that hasn’t changed is how excited a patron gets when they get a library card!
You take care of branch collections, schedules and supplies. How do you manage to keep everything organized, both the books and the staff, with all of their programs?
I don’t have a particular way of doing my job. But in order to do it, I need to know what everyone is doing and what is taking place. I work closely with the library manager, Frank Collerius. I’m not really an email person, so I ask the librarians in person what they need. Our everyday tasks, events or programs are all organized on a daily schedule. We also work together and we pick a task that we like to do. I personally like to fix and straighten the books on the shelves. It’s so satisfying to see the books neatly on the shelves!
What is your absolute favorite thing about working in Greenwich Village?
What I enjoy the most is going to a restaurant right after work.  This neighborhood has a lot to offer. I also love sitting in the Ruth Wittenberg triangle across the street to have my lunch, take in the sun and people watch.
Do you have a favorite restaurant or bar to hang out after work? And what’s your go-to lunch spot?
Bar Six is my daughter’s and my favorite restaurant. We go there any time she comes to meet me at work.  I love the linguini and clams and she loves their delicious burgers. For drinks I like to go to La Contenta Oeste. Their tequilas are yummy.
We’re already headed to the end of 2023! What are you looking forward to in 2024?
For 2024 I am looking to travel more with my family.
Thanks, Molina!