The Holidays Are Coming. The Holidays Are Coming.

By Gordon Hughes

Well, it’s that time of the year. We are now getting serious about the holiday season.

The pressure of looking good in swim wear is in the rearview mirror. Yes, with cold weather one tends to be wrapped up in winter attire. This winter attire does cover a myriad of physical sins.  Now, none of us is actively and aggressively seeking to put on weight. That said, our weight and svelte summer look begins to fade much as do our tans. Thoughts of holiday goodies begin to bubble up in our frontal lobes. For me, for some unknown reason, peppermint ice cream is the killer. God knows there are so many gastronomical traps awaiting us. When we do think about it, it is really scary. Thus, the advent of New Year’s resolutions. But I’m getting ahead of myself. That is for my January column.

There will always be those West Villagers who we will see running and fast walking along the Hudson River at all hours. They will never face the injustice of dieting for the summer after the Bacchanalia of winter. Nor will the young mothers in winterized yoga outfits pushing baby strollers at a fast clip down Houston Street or, for that matter, the merry band that hangs out and works out at West Village fitness centers. For them, life goes on. The rest of us will keep the West Village tailors in business, as we mortals try to fit into our seasonal duds.  So, let’s break down some of the more dangerous locations that are bound to help you gain a few pounds, expand your waist line and make you either have fond memories of your holiday season or regret terribly your year-end misadventures.

Some of the most dangerous but tempting places in the West Village: LiLac Chocolates now located at 75 Greenwich Ave. opened in the early 1920s on Christopher Street. It is renowned for any holiday be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s. It is a decadent delight and absolutely the best. Check out their windows and then run, don’t walk, in.

The Magnolia Bakery, opened in 1996, and made famous in movie and TV shows, is remarkable in the holiday season. You may see all kinds of folks on the line from natives to tourists who will be recognized by their maps and guide books. There may be a sighting of Sarah Jessica Parker picking up a slice of Hummingbird Cake.

Fish is very big at Christmas and if that is what you are looking for drop into Citarella Gourmet Market at 424 6th Ave. They have been serving up scrumptious fish and crustaceans since 1912. They may help the waistline from all the other caloric fattening foods you have been celebrating with.

Now if you want to avoid the kitchen and go out to celebrate, here are some of my favorites.

Rosemary’s at 18 Greenwich Ave: You cannot miss it with its giant Christmas Tree on the roof and the somewhat raucous crowd inside.

Ye Waverly Inn is also a special place filled with Village denizens any night but during the holidays it is a real romp.

So, as we approach that most wonderful time of the year in the West Village, I want to wish you all an early but wonderful, safe, fun start to the Holiday Season.