Braving the Cold to Save a Supermarket


Photo courtesy of RWDSU Twitter (@RWDSU)

Braving below-freezing temperatures, residents of the South Village rallied on December 13 to continue the fight to save the Morton Williams supermarket on Bleecker and LaGuardia which NYU is seeking to close in order to pursue its continued expansion. At the rally, leaders of Save Our Store unveiled petitions signed by 7500 area residents which are being presented to the City. The community has organized the Save Our Supermarket (SOS) campaign to protect this vitalcommunity institution that serves over 3,000 neighborhood residents and small businesses daily and a community of over 23,000 inhabitants.Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW President John R. Durso, whose union represents the store workers, said, “Morton Williams has served as a 24-hour a day critical lifeline for thousands of residents in the area for decades and is the main accessible grocery store in the community. It served as a lifeline during the pandemic, as one of the only stores open in the area for residents to get their necessities.” He also pointed out that 60 union workers, members of his union, could lose their jobs. Holding the bullhorn in the photo is former City Council member Alan Gerson, a leader in the effort.