Dear Editors,

I am a seventy-one year old man and I have been doing business with Warehouse Wines and Spirits at 735 Broadway NYC for many years without a problem. On Friday, March 10, I took a bottle of wine to the checkout counter and I was refused service. They asked for a Drivers License for ID. I don’t have a Drivers License. I showed them my Reduced Fare MTA MetroCard Photo ID Pass but that wasn’t good enough. I showed them my Medicare Social Security card and that wasn’t good enough either. Because of a new system they claim they needed to scan a Drivers License which shows my birth age. I told them my birth date but that wasn’t good enough. I was refused service and I walked away without a bottle of wine for my Sunday dinner. There is an obvious difference between senior citizens and anyone in their twenties or thirties. I truly believe there is an issue with any business needing to scan a senior’s ID. There are many scams pointed directly at seniors. Businesses collecting ID information only puts seniors at greater risk for illegal activity.

—A 71 Year Old Man