Bad Dog (Owners) NYC

There are currently over 14,000 dog licenses registered within a ball-toss of the West Village.

Now that’s a lot of dogs, and a lot of daily outings, and A LOT of pee-pee!

Fortunately, our four-legged friends and their caregivers are overwhelmingly responsible, rule-abiding folks who appreciate a nice, cleaner (ahem) Village for everyone. And as the soles of our shoes can attest, the ground is much less soiled than decades past. Not perfect, but far improved.

Unfortunately, it only takes a few scofflaws to really muck things up for the entire community. Squish!

There are multiple nearby dog-runs—we know, never enough—but (life being soooo unfair), there are also some places that dogs are not supposed to go (in every sense), both because of plantings and so that children and their elders can enjoy unsullied grass.

Leash-holders may justify using green plants as a toilet because they “pick it up,” or “the pee will dry,” but we notice they tend not to sit upon the damp spot, or lay out on the lawn on sunny days, or allow their toddlers to crawl around where the cute doggy just made a stinky mess. (Not to mention the people who don’t bother to pick-it-up because they think nobody is looking, or Fido had diarrhea. Yuk!)

Some pet-loving neighbors, weary of admonishing those few determined miscreants who insist on training their pups to doo-doo on the forbidden grass (or pee on the flowers, or dig up the lawn), have begun documenting the misdeeds online:

Our Motto: a well-behaved dog is a well-cared for dog!