Be aware of the latest scam activity

Advice from Citibank

Photo: Citibank.

We continue to see scammers target digital money movement channels. While impersonating well-known companies, such as Citibank and government agencies, scammers can contact you requesting payment through a Wire Transfer or by sending money with Zelle®—these methods allow money to be sent quickly, and the funds are often difficult to recover. Of special note, be wary of any communications or money transfer requests from government entities or agencies relating to recent events in the financial industry.

You should never wire money or send money using Zelle® or similar payment platforms to:
• Anyone claiming your account is compromised
• Anyone asking you to send money to yourself
• Anyone who claims to be from a government agency
• Any stranger, no matter what reason they give
• A telemarketer trying to sell you something
• Unauthorized, unverified cryptocurrency sites or salespeople