Dear Editor,
I so welcome your new newspaper because the last two issues of WestView News were such a deviation from the one I had enjoyed for ten years. It seemed to be taken over by an operative of Lyndon Larouche (can it be he is still alive and actually has followers who believe in him?) and the Libertarian Party, no longer our neighborhood fountain of news updates of our streets, stores and parks, local issues, calendars of events, bird sightings and tips. I have lived in the Village for 57 years and found George’s issues a boon and pleasure before it took a far right turn. I hope you will find a way to bring George Capsis back in some capacity. He is such a good guy who worked so hard on our behalf for so long. Please, please persuade Keith Michael to keep giving us his birdwatching columns. They are so well written, a delight to read and truly missed in your debut issue. Also, please restore the In & Out pages so we can keep up on our Village businesses.
Looking forward to more monthly issues,