Biker alert!


Text and photo by Brian J Pape, AIA

When I talked to the workers installing the bright orange mesh fencing along the Hudson River Park Bike Greenway, I was surprised to learn that this work was in preparation for repaving the Greenway bike path. The fencing will protect the plants and trees along the path where there aren’t stone retaining walls (in the photo, there is a short retaining wall on the right, and none on the left side of the path). When asked how much of the path was getting repaved, they said the entire stretch of HRP, from Chambers Street up to 57th Street!

Over the years, we’ve seen this popular bikeway get patches and amendments, notably the installation of bollards (those shiny protective posts) at intersections and pedestrian crosswalks, after the murderous attack by a pickup truck driver on this path. There has also been major changes at Gansevoort Park for the new playing fields, and the new Park pier at 57th Street, that need extensive rebuilding. Besides the fencing, HRP employees have been trimming back all the bushes and trees so nothing is in the way, and cleaning out the gutter drains. If it’s done like street paving, then first the old surface will be stripped off, utility covers will be re-leveled, then new asphalt laid down, followed by new striping and markers. That could take a few days, or weeks. Be prepared for detours.