VV’s Astro-Zodial Elucidictions

JUNE 2023, Gemini/Cancer

For those of you registering birth anniversaries this month, a deep View into our Hudson-crystal ball discerns you are a twin or a crab (or twin crabs, though hopefully not conjoined).

We foresee Love, Wealth and Travel in your future. (If you’re reading this because it was left on the stoop of your Village townhouse, then we also see wealth in your present.) Beware the city’s new anti-rodent trash collection rules and don’t put out bags before 8 pm.

June 3rd is the Strawberry Full Moon. If the signs converge that Saturday, you can stop by the Mountain Sweet Berry Farm stand at Union Square Greenmarket and get an early-harvest box of their ever-so-scrumptious TriStar strawberries. (If the three-stars don’t align, you’ll have to wait until later in the month for the perfect berry.)

June 25th will bring people of all colors, covered in all colors (if covered at all), and glittery thumpa-thumpa festivities to your otherwise low-key neighborhood. Welcome them (they don’t bite, though they do Love). Regarding the Travel in your future… heavenly tip: you might well plan to be away this weekend, but don’t count on traversing the streets by car during the day.

Your lucky number is at least eight characters long, contains digits, letters a-z, and one or more non-alphanumeric symbols.

Until next month,
your jaundiced eye in the sky,
Viewyou the Magnificent