VV’s Astro-Zodial Elucidictions

AUGUST 2023, Leo/Virgo

Our sweltering summer View into the cool Hudson-crystal ball shows a celestial Lioness nuzzling a Virginal Maiden in the twilight glow above the Lackawanna Terminal sign. (Marriage or Mirage?—you decide.) Wear a high SPF and stay hydrated!

We see your travel opportunities as limited this month (why else are you in town reading the paper?), avoid submarines and dirigibles until after the Maenads’ moonlight dance. (Tip to the wise: skip the lion costume for now.)

August 1st is the Sturgeon Full Moon. As everyone knows, sturgeon is a great source of caviar, not to mention, quite tasty when smoked. So, for a short trip while you’re melting in the city, why not amble over to Russ & Daughters, either the original appetizing shop on East Houston, or their latest westside outpost at 34th St and Tenth Ave.

August 30th brings the second full lunar orb of the month, coming once in a Blue Moon. Coincidentally—or not!—the night of the Blue Moon you can spend at the Blue Note Jazz Club, on W 3rd, grooving to the trippy electronic jazz of Sungazer. (Personally, I’d wear dark shades and make a quick pre-show run around the corner to Smacked on Bleecker for some blue weed.)

Your luck is in the cards! Just remember, with Three-card Monte the house always wins.

Until next month,
your jaundiced eye in the sky,
Viewyou the Mystifying