VV’s Astro-Zodial Elucidictions

NOVEMBER 2023, Scorpio/Sagittarius

Peering into the Hudson-crystal ball sows some watery-fiery confusion this month—and what’s with the half-horse/half-man thing anyhow? (So very non-binary!)

After scalding our tongue on a cup of stinging nettle tea (چای گزنه), we determined the stars have aligned for y’all to take a long trip this month. Did you know that Isfahan boasts 17 species of scorpions and sports an archer-centaur adorned coat of arms?—sounds like a divined destination!

For those of you forgoing Achaemenian adventures in November, an alternative short stroll will land you for a meal at Shiraz Kitchen, 111 West 17th Street. (Attentive numerologists will note the address’s allusion to 17 arachnids… take your associative-astrology anywhere you find it.)

November 5th the clocks fall back, for a good night’s sleep before voting forward on November 7th. (As a reward for good-citizenship, you might hop over to Westbeth afterwards for the kick-off of their semiannual flea market.)

November 23rd pass the gravy and praise the Brussels sprouts.

November 27th under the Beaver Full Moon you’ll be felled by laser-focussed Paul Lazar’s reprisal of Suzanne Bocanegra’s “When a Priest Marries a Witch,” her spellbinding art-history yarn set in 1960s Pasadena, Texas. (Yes, there are beavers in the Lone Star State.) NYU Skirball: nyuskirball.org

For those of you rash enough to wager on November 23rd, back the team with the brightest stars—or at least the best color-combination. (Fashion is always a good bet—you can bet that it will change.)

Until next month,
your jaundiced eye in the sky,
Viewyou the Mountebank