VV’s Astro-Zodial Elucidictions

SEPTEMBER 2023, Virgo/Libra

Our back-to-school View into the Hudsonian-crystal ball shows a period of ascendence—as the earthly Maiden seeks inner Balance in the sky. Is air-travel in her future? Is it in yours? Is it merely a kōan-y metaphor???

Inner balance, like outer peace, is transcendent—return your overdue library books and sort the recycling (there’s a tranquility bonus for anyone who can intuit where a used Tetra-Pak carton properly belongs).

September 11th light a candle and summon the ancestors for the Village Trip’s lecture on “Greenwich Village as Harlem’s Preamble and Echo” by Eric K Washington, 6-8 pm, Jefferson Market Library.

(Mr. Washington, whose historical research excavates Black legacy in the city, was recently the psychic force behind Landmarking former Colored School No. 4 at 128 W 17th St.).

September 29th is the time to reap—under the Harvest Full Moon. Celebrate with a crisp juicy bite of the consummate New York heirloom dessert apple, the Golden Russet (the cultivar originated locally a few centuries ago). Available from Prospect Hill Orchards at Abingdon Sq Greenmarket and other growers at Union Sq.

Your seasonal spirit-vegetable is Celeriac. (Preferably, one picked yesterday.) Rémoulade, optional, but nothing to scoff at!

Until next month,
your jaundiced eye in the sky,
Viewyou the Mandolian